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Looking Back: Wells History

The small collection of pictures and words on these pages will be changed annually to reflect the major anniversaries of departures of Wellensians from School. Many in the initial collection are taken from The Wellensian, the once termly and now annual School magazine prepared by pupils with only the necessary minimum of official encouragement and restraint.

The School has extensive archives which you are invited to add to! Please send photographs of your industrious (or idle) youth at School for the nostalgic enjoyment of your peers and to add to the historical record. Please attempt to remember who is depicted, indicating at least the approximate date taken and if possible explaining the occasion.

Please write to: The Archivist, Wells Cathedral School, Wells, Somerset BA5 2ST


  • Looking back to ... 1997

    1997-Geology-Field-TripDow Jones Industrial Average closes above 7,000 for the first time. Dolly the sheep cloned. IBM's Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov. Bloomsbury publish Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Diana, Princess of Wales, dies. Wales votes for devolution.... But what was happening at school that year?

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  • Looking back to ... 1992

    1992 BugsyThe Russian Federation is officially formed. Maastricht Treaty signed. Winter Olympics in Albertville. The first victims of the Bosnian War die in a Sarajevo shooting. Black Wednesday. Bill Clinton elected US President. A fire breaks out in Windsor Castle. But what was happening at Wells that year?

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  • Remembering the 1970s at Wells

    In the seventies – age of majority reduced to 18, grog discontinued in Royal navy, Open University founded, decimalisation, the Troubles, UK joins EEC, Pizza Hut opens, cod wars, the Silver Jubilee, first female solo sail round the world, GCSEs introduced, the Winter of discontent, first elections to the European parliament. But in Wells ...

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  • Way back when... the 1960s

    1960s popBerlin Wall built. Cuban missile crisis. Vietnam War begins. Cultural Revolution in China. Counterculture in West. Decolonisation of Africa. First heart transplant. Martin Luther King assassinated. Apollo 11 lands on the Moon. Meanwhile what was happening at Wells in the Sixties?

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  • Memories of Wells in the 1950s

    During the fifties –  the Korean war, The Eagle and The Archers begin, first Sainsbury’s supermarket, first zebra crossings, ‘O’ levels introduced, first tower block, sweet rationing ends, first James Bond book and Airfix kit, double yellow lines and corgi toys appear, link between smoking and lung cancer found, Premium Bonds launched, first parking meters, first jets across the Atlantic, STD introduced (and it meant Subscriber Trunk Dialling in those days). While down in Wells ...

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  • Memories of Wells from the 1940s

    The fourties – the years of total war, the holocaust and aftermath. And also of the first St Trinians cartoon, Desert Island Discs, the National Trust acquires its first country house, Colossus computer built, PAYE tax introduced, school leaving age raised to 15, Edinburgh Festival starts, the Queen marries, Indian and Pakistan independence, Any Questions? and Gardeners’ Question Time begin, Orwell’s 1984 published. Meanwhile in Wells ...

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  • Memories of Wells from the 1930s

    In the thirties, the first Times crossword and the Highway Code appeared, Mars bars and Anglepoise lamp  invented, RMS Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Penguin Books launched, 999 emergency telephone number is introduced, The Dandy and The Beano first published, war declared. While down in Wells ...

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  • Memories of Wells from the 1920s

    During the twenties, Rupert Bear and Hornby trains first appeared, British Legion and BBC founded, general strike, Wembley Stadium opened, Council for the Preservation of Rural England and ICI formed, first transatlantic telephone call, John Logie Baird demonstrates colour television, Heinz Baked Beans are manufactured in the UK for the first time. Meanwhile in Wells ...

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