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Simon Lane – an entrepreneurial mentor

Simon LaneVery interesting to hear from Simon Lane (OW 1983), an experienced entrepreneur and long time supporter of Wells and of the Association. Simon has been a Trustee of the Russell Fox Heath Trust which has been making grants to Wells students for adventure training since 1994 and is about to make this year’s award.

At Wells, Simon was both a noted sportsman and an accomplished artist. He was Captain of Hockey, an athlete and also played rugby & tennis for the school. His art won him a VI form prize and inspired him after Wells to study art and design, eventually specialising in industrial modelmaking and special effects.

He once went to CCF camp and reported, “The food is great and the soldiers have been very nice to us. But I don't think I would like the army as a career. I hate getting up at 6.30 every morning."

This clearly didn’t hinder him! He moved on to a successful career in manufacturing and import/export around the world. Now, Simon is now a professional property developer and business advisor of over ten years’ experience, with his company Stopwatch Property.

Simon has long had an interest in mentoring, supporting individuals to develop new skills and take career next steps. He has helped several state schools and agencies and would like to do the same for Wells. It is very much a core objective of the Association to offer support both to Wells sixth formers and to young OW graduates and we hope to develop this further, so Simon’s offer is most opportune.