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Damian Smith having a great innings

Damian Smith

Damian Smith (OW 1990), who enjoyed our last reunion, is achieving great things at the England and Wales Cricket Board where he is Head of IT.

Damian podcasts “Loved and played the world over, cricket has reinvented itself to appeal to new audiences. Off the pitch, the ECB is reinventing the way its cricket clubs operate – transitioning them from legacy, paper-based processes to the digital workplace. He says he relishes the opportunity he has been given, and says running IT for the ECB is a great role. “I’ve done my fair share of work in defence, tobacco and financial services, so to do something lighter is really enjoyable.”

He has worked in a wide range of IT consulting and senior managerial roles since he left University of Bradford with a Computer Studies degree. One of those consultancies was a year long project for the ECB so he has returned to familiar ground in his current role.

Before Damian realized that his future lay in IT, he “ran pubs, climbed mountains and starred as a body double for Tom Cruise in Hollywood movies. Damian is now in the midst of a mid-life crisis that mainly involves running ultra-marathons.”

At Wells Damian was a chorister, scholar and cricket player and took part in some memorable drama performances; in The Changeling he “heroically held up the tottering scenery for the whole of the last act”. Making things work in spite of challenges seems since to have become his special expertise!