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Isabella Smith – look no further!

Isabella Smith

How nice to hear about Isabella Smith (OW 2014). She is with digital marketers Merkle Periscopix who specialise in optimising biddable media and sing her praises on their website; "If you're looking for someone who's ambitious, industrious, dedicated... imaginative (and with a grade 7 certificate in recorder to boot!); look no further than Isabella."!
After Wells Isabella went to Manchester University and was awarded a BA in Philosophy and she began to shape her career with internships in events management and marketing. She was also Event and Tour Secretary for the uni Netball Club, which included organising a 30-strong tour to Spain. This of course was a continuation of her sport at Wells where Issy was a member of the County Champions team and later Captain of Netball.
Isabella tells me she is now living in Battersea near several other OWs and she recently went on a Wellie Skiing Week – an excellent example of the value of our lifelong fellowship of friends.