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Olivia Morley in shock

Olivia Morley

Liv Morley (OW 2014) tells me at our recent reunion that she “drowned in Physics for four years at the Duck (aka Emmanuel) College, Cambridge” to get her undergrad and MSc degrees but this has not put her off pure science. She is now researching shock physics and high temperature/pressure optical spectroscopy but is pleased to report that she “has not set herself on fire yet”.

At Wells Olivia had an impressive academic track record, winning many school and external prizes including a gold certificate in the UK Chemistry Olympiad. She achieved all A*s at GCSE and top A levels.

She played hockey and was a CCF Sergeant - one of five Wells cadets who took part in Exercise Wyvern Warrior which tested the their fieldcraft skills, tactics, weapon handling and leadership. “The Wells cadets performed magnificently, outwitting the enemy (King Edward's, Bath) and demonstrating Impressive command and control.” She has continued her sport at uni, captaining the Ladies’ Badminton team.

Liv characterises her working life as “not in the real world” but of course it is research like hers that advances our understanding of the universe we live in – a key to making the best of our real world. We greatly look forward to seeing her again.