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Heads together at a great Reunion

London Dinner 2019

May I add my appreciation for the OWs and friends who joined us last week for our London Reunion. Our guest list of 60 included eight ex Head Girls/Boys and we were only sorry that some of the Wells party (including another Head Boy, the Head Master and Head of the Junior School) were snowed in and could not be with us.

Partying carried on in the bar until midnight (and beyond that for the 2014s who continued elsewhere) and thank you for wealth of jottings which I shall cover over the coming weeks, though I am not sure if Boris the crocodile, Durkin the geico and an XL snake without a name are really pets or just manifestations of the RAF Club claret.

We now start planning for our summer reunion in Wells on Saturday 22nd June 2019 – do Save the Day!