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Nike Koch in music and pictures

Nike Koch

We were delighted to see Nike Koch (OW 1999) back from New York and contemplating coming to our London Reunion if some others from her year group will join her – please contact Nike asap!

After Wells, Nike spent a pre-degree year at Trinity College of Music before her BA at Bristol University. She followed this with a Masters in Music Business at University of Liverpool. She has been a Senior Manager in Global Operations at Sony Music for 12 years now and last year spent six months in NYC. She has responsibilities in international Operations and Supply Chain (including work on vinyl recordings!) and ensuring global Product Compliance.

Her other great passion – and great talent – is photography. Her superb images “take you on a journey to beautiful and amazing places - from some of the world's busiest cities, all the way to scenic countryside locations.” She now makes her photography available to purchasers as decorative artwork and we wish her all the best in building this business.