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Mark Harrison connects

Mark Harrison

At our London Social we caught up with Mark Harrison (OW 1998) who is Director of Localisation & Access Services for American multinational Viacom who “connect with billions of people in nearly every country in the world.” Mark’s special expertise is in subtitling, dubbing and translation which he has developed since completing an MA in Screen Translation at Leeds University following his first degree in languages at Manchester.

At Wells he was a well regarded member of Mr. Ken Sowden’s Ritchie House and clearly had an early interest in entertainment. He is remembered for his drama performances - as half of a typically English suburban couple, prone to random fits of madness in The Bald Prima Donna and earlier in When We Are Married and Bugsy Malone.

After leaving Wells he took a gap year and taught for seven months at at Muljibhai Madhvani College in Wairaka, Uganda.

He is now living and working in London and has been married for ten years. He says he is “very much in touch with OW chums” and long may this continue.