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Bernice Ooi - settled in Sweden

Bernice Ooi

A warm welcome to Bernice Ooi (OW 2004) as the 2,033rd OW to join our Facebook Group! Bernice is a professional violinist and joined Kungliga Hovkapellet, the Royal Swedish Orchestra, in January last year.

She is humble about her beginnings in music and says she was surprised to be accepted at Wells; “There was nothing that I think was favourable in my playing - maybe they saw that I just loved music.” But her developing performance was notable and her talent is reflected in the fact that she received offers from both the Royal Academy and the Royal College of Music.

She chose however to go the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and was awarded a Performer Diploma, Master of Music and BSc in Mathematics. She has since played all over the world, her Christian faith helping to guide which opportunities to seek. She returned home in 2014 to play part time with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Two years later she went for audition in Stockholm and was one of only two candidates out of twenty to win a place with the KH. She has now been granted tenure, a lifetime appointment if she wishes it.

We are glad that she has found her calling (for now at least!) and hope to see her back in Wells one day.

PHOTO: Ibrahim Mohtar