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Halcyon days for Leidy Sinclair

Leidy Sinclair

We welcomed Bermudan OW Leidy Sinclair (OW 2012) to our London Social and heard of her passionate work with the Halcyon Quartet.

Leidy completed her first degree at The Royal Academy of Music in 2016 and is now on a two year postgraduate course. The Halcyon, which formed in her first year at the Academy under the prestigious Davey-Poznanski Quartet Scheme, is a major focus and has upcoming performances at the Bermuda Festival, Wigmore Hall and West Cork Chamber Music Festival.

At Wells, Leidy was a star academic (and baker) as well as a specialist violinist. She made a memorable trip to China with the school organised by Mr Walkey who also very kindly travelled to Bermuda to hear her play and to recruit other Bermudans to Wells.

Our best wishes to Leidy both in the wide world and on her tiny mid-Atlantic home.