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Rachel Garty takes the lead

Rachel GartyWarm congratulations to Rachel Garty (OW 2014) who has graduated with first-class honours from the Royal Veterinary College in an intercalated BSc Comparative Pathology degree and was awarded the MacFaydean Prize for highest achieving student in her year.

Rachel was then selected for the Veterinary Leadership Program at Cornell University and she spent the ten week summer program completing leadership modules and gaining research experience through the investigation of the cellular differences between neonatal and adult immune cells. For this work she was awarded the Cell Biology Prize. During the program Rachel attended the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium at the National Institute of Health in Washington DC.

Rachel showed early academic promise at Wells and was no doubt inspired in her career direction by her mother Mrs Philippa Garty who teaches biology at Wells and is fondly remembered by generations of OWs. Rachel was also a violinist and hockey player and sixth form leader for teaching and learning.

We look forward to seeing her at her first major OW reunion in 2019!