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Caitlin Sherrard - a humanitarian vocation

Caitlin Sherrard

Looking forward to our London Dinner on 2nd February I having been catching up with 2013 leavers who will be returning for their first reunion, including Caitlin Sherrard who has been developing her humanitarian vocation in studies and in work.

After Wells, Caitlin went to York University to study English and Philosophy. She joined the university branch of Amnesty International and was welfare officer for her college. She went on to St Andrews University for a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies, focussing on humanitarian aid. On the same theme she has had various summer jobs during her studies including looking after the welfare of holiday course students at Millfield School and an internship with WaterAid.

She now is now part time with MTI which supports clients worldwide to proactively secure, protect and manage every aspect of their IT environment, including data, infrastructure and cloud.

At Wells Caitlin played piano and viola with the school orchestra and gained good As. She achieved a DoE Gold Award and went to St James’ palace to collect it. Her yearbook entry reveals what a fun character she was at Wells and this is confirmed by the 2013 Speech Day programme which records her departing from both Haversham and Ritchie Houses!