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Nico and Clare plan a party!

Clare  Nico

Great news to hear that 2013 OW Yeargroup Ambassadors Nico Alexandroff and Clare Scott are inviting all of their yeargroup to a glittering black tie five-year reunion in Mayfair on Friday 2nd February 2018. They will join Wellensians from all eras and guests from Wells at the RAF Club in Piccadilly, courtesy of our President, Mr Alwyn Gillen. A formal dinner will be followed by the opportunity for late partying.

Booking will open on 1st November (£38pp for 2013/£45 others) and partners/guests will be welcome so save the day!

After Wells, Clare went to Cambridge for her first degree and then to Birbeck College, University of London for a mini MBA. This year she has joined international management consultants OC&C Strategy Consultants as an Associate where she is “expected to pull her weight from day one” on “projects that tend to be fast, furious and brief”. We hope she also has time for her piano!

Nico took a gap year after Wells and then went on to Manchester University to study architecture. After a summer placement in 2016 at Hawkins Brown Architects he has now returned to the firm to complete his professional qualifications and commence his career. The practice operates in Manchester and London and has a vision incorporating a committed social and cultural agenda.

Clare and Nico plan to set up a Facebook page for the Reunion and invite all 2013 OWs to join (including those who left before the 6th).

Watch this space!