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Jeff Peabody back on home turf

Jeff Peabody

A long overdue mention on this blog for Jeff Peabody (OW 1987) whom we were very pleased to see again in the summer. The Peabody dynasty at Wells goes back to 1972 with the arrival of Mr Philip and Mrs Daphne Peabody as Headmaster of the Junior School and House Parents of Jocelyn. They were a much loved part of the fabric at Wells for 22 years and their children Jane, Roger and Jeff were all pupils. Philip continues to support the school and was on the new pavilion committee. It will sadly soon be ten years since Daphne died.

At school Jeff was a keen cricket player noted for his bowling and a rugby player. He was senior NCO of the RAF Section of the CCF. After Wells he went to City University on an RAF scholarship and achieved a 1st in Aeronautical Engineering followed by five years with the RAF as an Engineering Officer. A milestone year followed, with marriage to Becky and a (not unconnected) career step change into teaching. He did a PGCE at Oxford Brookes and after a couple of other posts he returned to Wells in 2002 as teacher of mathematics and Housemaster of Cedars. He immediately made a favourable impression by handing back three quarters of the first floor to be used by dayboys previously consigned to the basement; however his ban on frying sausages went down less well.

Jeff and Becky have two children and when he left Wells the Head predicted that one of them would one day succeed her. There is now to be a vacancy but I think a bit too soon for Sophie (17) or Sam (14).

Jeff is now at Millfield where he continues to teach maths and is fixtures secretary for the FC. We very much look forward to seeing him on home ground again soon.