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Simon Baggs on Australia Day

Simon Baggs Copy

In honour of Australia Day yesterday, a mention of our most active antipodean, Simon Baggs (OW 1973). Simon is CEO and owner of Lateral Events, an energetic Sydney company that creates public, corporate and signature events across the continent. Lateral was set up in 1996 and has had a number of memorable coups; e.g. this year they have persuaded Sir David Attenborough to do another tour of Australia and a first of New Zealand.

Simon was an international traveller from an early age and has had Australian connections since his twenties. I see he has always manged to be at the heart of things. We shall be celebrating this year the dedication of the concert hall at Wells in honour of Alan Quilter and find in the 1965 school photograph that a third person is front and centreā€¦

AKQ 1965

A mention also for his brother Stephen Baggs (OW 1970), a good friend of mine at Wells (and also for previous members of the family who were at the school earlier in the C20th).

Simon has organised many events for OWs in Sydney and we send him and all our Australian OWs our very best wishes for more happy reunions.