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Richard Stowers in Washington, DC

Richard StowersUS flagAs the whole world looks towards the US capital today I naturally get in touch with Richard Stowers (OW 2008), a Wellensian living within walking distance of the landmark event. Richard, a US citizen, came to Wells to round off an international education at one of the oldest schools in the UK before going on to the second oldest university in America, The College of William and Mary for a BA in Pre-Medical Studies and French. He followed this with a Master of Public Health at Tulane University in New Orleans. He is now a Performance Associate at Privia Health which works to achieve value for money in health care.

The Wellensian records a sixth form theatre trip to London which Richard fondly remembers. The group set out to show him the sites but discovered he knew them better than they did! So it was decided to settle for a box of Krispy Kremes (after all, it was Thanksgiving Day) and a visit to Harrods. He is also remembered as a very useful 1st XI soccer player.

Richard had his own big event last year when he inaugurated his marriage to Alix whom he met at W&M where she was studying art history. About today he says “A few months ago my wife and I thought it would be very exciting to walk to the inauguration but instead are headed north for the weekend as the "Make America Great Again" hats roll in...”

We send them both our very best wishes and hope that we shall keep in touch.